Newly Released Ty

The latest Ty releases – shown newest to oldest. (List of places to buy Ty here.)

  • ! Boo – Elfie elephant – Justice exclusive …more
  • ! Beanie – Sven moose – Disney’s Frozen …more
  • ! Boo – Trixie leopard – Justice exclusive …more
  • Boo – Lovesy dog – Justice exclusive …more
  • Buddy – Applejack pony, large …more
  • Buddy – Fluttershy pegasus, large …more
  • Buddy – Pinkie Pie pony, large …more
  • Buddy – Rainbow Dash pegasus, large …more
  • Buddy – Rarity unicorn, large …more
  • Buddy – Twilight Sparkle pegasus, large …more
  • Beanie – Hello Kitty (party hat) …more
  • Beanie – Applejack pony, clip …more
  • Beanie – Fluttershy pegasus, clip …more
  • Beanie – Pinkie Pie pony, clip …more
  • Beanie – Rainbow Dash pegasus, clip …more
  • Beanie – Rarity unicorn, clip …more
  • Beanie – Twilight Sparkle pegasus, clip …more
  • Boo – Patty penguin – Justice exclusive …more
  • Boo – Darci giraffe, medium – Justice exclusive …more
  • Boo – Fiona cat, medium – Justice exclusive …more
  • Boo – Ice Cube penguin, large – Justice exclusive …more
  • Boo – Leona leopard, large – Justice exclusive …more
  • Boo – Wishful unicorn, large – Justice exclusive …more
  • Buddy – Minnie ballerina mouse …more

FYI: List of all new and upcoming Ty here

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Incredible Monstaz Sale

Monstaz are on sale in the official online Ty Store!

Monsters can come in four sizes (5″ clip, 6″ regular, 9″ medium and 13″ large). For the sale, clips are $1.99, regulars are $2.99, mediums are $4.99 and larges are $9.99. U.S. orders of two or more items receive free shipping.

(Links below go to “buy pages” at the official online Ty Store.)
monstaz-benny monstaz-chester monstaz-daisy monstaz-delilah

Benny: 6-inch, 9-inch, 13-inch
Chester: 6-inch, 9-inch, 13-inch
Daisy: 6-inch, 9-inch, 13-inch
Delilah: 9-inch, 13-inch
monstaz-frank monstaz-frankie monstaz-frizzy monstaz-holly

Frank: 6-inch
Frankie: 9-inch, 13-inch
Frizzy: 6-inch
Holly: 6-inch
monstaz-igor monstaz-jazzy monstaz-jerry monstaz-lola

Igor: 6-inch
Jazzy: 9-inch, 13-inch
Jerry: 6-inch, 9-inch, 13-inch
Lola: 6-inch, 9-inch
monstaz-marty monstaz-maxine monstaz-murphy monstaz-patch

Marty: 6-inch, 9-inch, 13-inch
Maxine: 9-inch, 13-inch
Murphy: 6-inch, 9-inch, 13-inch, clip
Patch: 9-inch
monstaz-rocko monstaz-roxy monstaz-rufus monstaz-rufus-2

Rocko: 6-inch, 9-inch
Roxy: 6-inch, 9-inch, 13-inch, clip
Rufus (devil): 6-inch
Rufus: 6-inch, 9-inch
monstaz-spike monstaz-tinsel monstaz-trixie

Spike: 9-inch, 13-inch
Tinsel: 6-inch
Trixie: 6-inch, 9-inch, 13-inch, clip
monstaz-trouble monstaz-willy monstaz-zelda monstaz-zoey

Trouble: 6-inch
Willy: 9-inch, 13-inch
Zelda: 6-inch, 9-inch, 13-inch
Zoey: 6-inch, 9-inch, 13-inch

FYI: About Ty Monstaz here

Images from Ty Store

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