New Designs for 2016 – Fall/Winter

Ty added new items to their online toy rosters here. So, what is new and/or possibly coming out soon? There are new Beanie Babies, Classics, Beanie Boos and “stackable” Teeny Tys on the way. Ty has new plush for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day too. They also have new beanies on the way for: My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Avengers, and The Lion Guard.

  • 2016 Ty checklist here. (List is sorted by product line. It also shows sizes and status updates.)

Animals shown below: Bear, Cat, Dog, Elephant, Fox, Ghost, Gingerbread, Leopard, Lynx, Monkey, Mouse, Owl, Panda, Penguin, Pig, Seal, Snail, Snowman, Spider, Tiger, Zebra, The Avengers, The Lion Guard, My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

2016-bear-windsor 2016-cat-ava 2016-cat-shadow 2016-dog-buff

Windsor, Ava, Shadow, Buff

2016-dog-candy 2016-dog-gypsy 2016-dog-honeybun 2016-dog-jack

Candy, Gypsy, Honey Bun, Jack

2016-dog-patsy 2016-dog-roscoe 2016-dog-Rufus 2016-dog-snicky

Patsy, Roscoe, Rufus, Snicky

2016-dog-spangle 2016-elephant-sugar 2016-elephant-trunks 2016-fox-fay

Spangle, Sugar, Trunks, Fay

2016-ghost-ghoulie 2016-ghost-mist 2016-gingerbread-jingly 2016-leopard-jelly

Ghoulie, Mist, Jingly, Jelly

2016-leopard-olivia 2016-lynx-kenny 2016-monkey-monkeyboo 2016-mouse-bundles

Olivia, Kenny, Monkey Boo, Bundles

2016-mouse-mac 2016-owl-owlette 2016-panda-boomboom 2016-penguin-earmuffs

Mac, Owlette, Boom Boom, Earmuffs

2016-penguin-gus 2016-pig-piggley 2016-seal-pierre 2016-snail-scooter

Gus, Piggley, Pierre, Scooter

2016-snowman-scoop 2016-spider-crawler 2016-spider-spidey 2016-tiger-tabor

Scoop, Crawler, Spidey, Tabor

2016-zebra-pennie 2016-hero-captain-america-beanie 2016-hero-hulk-beanie 2016-hero-ironman-beanie

Pennie, Captain America, Hulk, Ironman

2016-spiderman-beanie 2016-guard-honey-badger-bunga 2016-guard-cheetah-fuli 2016-guard-lion-kion

Spiderman, Bunga, Fuli, Kion

2016-mlp-princess-cadence 2016-mlp-princess-celestia 2016-mlp-princess-luna 2016-tmnt-donatello

Princess Cadence, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Donatello

2016-tmnt-Leonardo 2016-tmnt-michelangelo 2016-tmnt-raphael

Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael

Images from Ty

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Ty Toy Brief

Latest Ty News

  • Ty Inc: Ty announced 51 new designs for fall/winter. …more
  • Ty Inc: New Ty designs on display at Learning Express convention. …more
  • Beanie Boos: Claire’s exclusive Boos, London dog and Sydney leopard, available in new sizes. …more
  • Beanie Babies: Finding Dory and Secret Life of Pets beanies at Five Below. …more
  • Teeny Tys: Special new Teeny in stores – Chaser dragon. …more
  • Beanie Boos: Only a few weeks left to send off for a “Nature’s Harvest breads” exclusive Dory Boo. Mail offer officially ends July 15, 2016. …more

…more Ty news HERE


Newest Beanie Boos

Sydney London 2016-fox-joey 2016-whale-shamu2 Icy Firecracker

…more new Boos HERE


Newest Beanie Babies & Classics

Whale shark Dory Nemo Chloe Buddy Duke Gidget Max Mel Snowball

  • Finding Dory – Destiny – Whale Shark – small, medium
  • Finding Dory – Dory – fish – small, medium
  • Finding Dory – Nemo – fish – small, medium
  • Secret Life of Pets – Chloe – cat – small, medium
  • Secret Life of Pets – Buddy – Dachshund – small, medium
  • Secret Life of Pets – Duke – dog – small
  • Secret Life of Pets – Gidget – Pomeranian – small, medium
  • Secret Life of Pets – Max – Jack Russell Terrier – small, medium
  • Secret Life of Pets – Mel – Pug – small, medium
  • Secret Life of Pets – Snowball – rabbit – small, medium

…more new Beanies HERE


Newest Teeny Tys (stackable plush)

2016-dragon-chaser-2 Fox Giraffe Owl Penguin Tiger

  • Dragon – Chaser – small (Purchase details here.)
  • Fox – Finley – small
  • Giraffe – Mabs – small
  • Owl – Nellie – small
  • Penguin – Pocket – small
  • Tiger – Tiggy – small

…more new Teenys here

(New Teeny styles seem to hit the UK, and other countries, before they come to the States. The UK currently has six other new Teenys available – Candy dog, Gus penguin, Gypsy dog, Jack dog, Jelly leopard and Spangle dog. All six will “probably” hit the States some time soon. See them here.)



Images from Amazon, Claire’s, Justice, Ty Facebook & Ty

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Ty let the dogs out…