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Ty News

  1. Lots of new Justice store exclusive Boos now available: Patty penguin …more; medium-size Darci giraffe and Fiona cat …more; and large-size Ice Cube penguin, Leona leopard and Wishful unicorn …more.
  2. My Little Pony Beanie Baby “clips” coming to the States. (Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle are now available.)
  3. Minnie ballerina Buddy now shipping to dealers. Picture here.
  4. Barnes & Noble store exclusive Boo, Anabelle cat, now available here.
  5. Extra-large Boos debut overseas. …more
  6. Ty Frizzys might come in four sizes soon. …more
  7. Frizzys now shipping to dealers. (Frizzys are Ty’s newest product line.) …more
  8. New Justice store exclusive Boos coming soon: Elfie elephant, Lovesy dog and Trixie leopard. Pictures here.


New in Ty store

Click any image for its “buy page” at Ty Store.



Holiday Ty Lineup

Halloween 2014: Ty plush toys for Halloween are now in stores. (Store list here.) Shown below: Hello Kitty, Crawly (spiders), Jinxy, Scarem, Batty, Mystery and Treatsie.
ts-2014-hello-kitty-batts-2014-crawly-p  ts-2014-crawly-bts-2014-jinxyts-2014-scarem2014-batty2014-mystery2014-treatsie

Christmas 2014: Ty plush toys for Christmas are now in stores. (Store list here.) Shown below: Coco, Flakes, Gelato, Hello Kitty, Olaf, Icicles and North. Olaf, Icicles and North are available in two sizes.


Coupon code

  1. Enter code “785” for 40% off order at Justice online store here. (Good until October 27.)

All images from Ty.com

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Justice Exclusive Medium Boos


Justice released two exclusive Boos in July – Darci giraffe and Fiona cat. The two Boos are now available in four sizes – 5″ clip, 6″ regular, 13″ medium and 16″ large. (The mediums just came out and are now available in stores.) Darci and Fiona are the first medium-size Justice exclusive Boos ever released.

FYI: List of Justice store exclusive Ty plush here

Image from Sondra

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