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♥ Cracker Barrel has a new exclusive Beanie Boo for 4th of July – Valor dog. …more

♥ Claire’s has a new exclusive Beanie Boo – Isla bulldog. …more

♥ The New York Toy Fair ran from February 18-21 this year. Ty had a display at the show. We can now see some of the things Ty has planned:

  • Licensed beanie toys for: Cars 3 movie, Despicable Me 3 movie, Sing movie, and Paw Patrol cartoon.
  • New line of stuffed animals, especially for babies, named Baby.
  • New line of boxed, miniature Beanie Boos named Mini Boos.
  • Ty might bring back the “Attic Treasures” line…
  • And of course, there are new Beanie Babies, Beanie Boos and Classic stuffed animal toys. Also, new “Peek-A-Boos” mobile device holders and “Teeny Tys” stackable plush.

The last few Ty to come out:

 Bulldog   Spiderman Chick Fish Fox Leopard Fish

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Ty Plush for the Holidays

Easter Beanie Boos & Beanie Babies

(Easter is on Sunday, April 16, 2017.)

 Lamb Rabbit Easter bunny Easter bunny Easter bunny


4th of July Beanie Boo (2017)


Halloween Beanie Boos & Halloweenies (2016)


Thanksgiving Beanie Boo (2016)


Christmas Beanie Boos & Baby Beanies (2016)


Valentine’s Day Beanie Boos (2017)

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Exclusive Ty Stuffed Animals

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The last few exclusive Ty to come out:

Ty makes special stuffed animals for select stores and other groups. Below are the newest toys made exclusively for: Barnes & Noble, Chicago Blackhawks, Claire’s, Cracker Barrel, Great Wolf Lodge, Justice, Nature’s Harvest, and SeaWorld. Check local stores for these items. Some are available online. (See non-USA exclusives here.)


Barnes & Noble Beanie Boo

Barnes & Noble store locator.


Chicago Blackhawks

Professional hockey… The Chicago Blackhawks played the Edmonton Oilers at United Center on February 18, 2017. The Kaner Teeny Ty, shown above, was given to the first 20,000 attendees. Looking for one? Check the Kaner listings on Ebay HERE.


Claire’s Beanie Boos


Claire’s store locator.


Cracker Barrel Beanie Boo

Cracker Barrel store locator.


Great Wolf Lodge Beanie Babies & Beanie Boos

Great Wolf Lodge locator.


Justice Beanie Boos & Peek-A-Boos

Justice store locator.


Nature’s Harvest Breads Beanie Boo

Blue Tang fish

Mail-offer details here.


SeaWorld Beanie Boo

SeaWorld locator.


Foreign exclusives, non-USA

Pig  Moose

Graphics made with images from: Amazon, Claire’s, Cracker Barrel, Justice, Ty & Ty Collector

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New Ty Toys (all on one page)

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New Teeny Tys

(Small and stackable plush toys.)

Cat Dog Dog Husky Hamster Panda


New Peek-A-Boos

(Stuffed animals designed to hold mobile phones and tablet computers.)

Phone holder Phone holder Phone holder Phone holder


New Beanie Boos

(Big-eyed stuffed animals. The hottest thing since Beanie Babies.)

Cat  Chick Dog Bulldog Fish Blue Tang fish Fish Lamb Leopard Moose Owl Rabbit


New Beanie Babies

(The cutest stuffed animals ever!)

Spiderman Pig Bernese Mountain Dog Lynx Penguin Easter bunny Easter bunny Easter bunny


New Halloweenie Beanies

(Small Halloween plush.)


New Baby Beanies

(Small Christmas plush.)


New Beanie Buddies

(Larger sizes of select Beanie Babies.)



New Classics

(Mostly larger sizes of select Beanie Babies.)

Bernese Mountain Dog Penguin

Graphics made with images from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Claire’s, Cracker Barrel, Justice, SeaWorld, Ty Collector & Ty

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Beanie Boo Extras (made by other companies)

backpack  boowallstickers booblanket

Even more Beanie Boo extras

A few online stores have a decent selection of certain Ty-theme items.

  • Craft supplies – Boo stickers, ornaments and more, at Consumer Crafts online.
  • Fashion accessories – Boo bags, socks and more, at Toys R Us online.
  • Games – Boo board games at Barnes & Noble online.
  • Hair accessories – Boo brushes, barrettes and more, at
  • Puzzles – Boo jigsaw puzzles at Masterpieces Puzzle Co. online.
  • School supplies – Boo pencils, erasers and more, at
  • Slippers – Boo slippers (small to XXL) at Walmart online.

About Ty-theme merchandise

Companies, including Tri-Coastal Design, Tactic, and Inkology Inc., are now making Ty-theme merchandise. I have seen many different items for sale: bags, bath and body products, makeup, clothing, fashion accessories, footwear, craft supplies, games, and school supplies. Most of the products feature Ty “Beanie Boo” characters (Glamour leopard, Coconut monkey, etc.).

Where to find these items… Claire’s is a good place to start. Also, check: Justice, Toys R Us; and discount stores, including Marshalls, Ross and TJ Maxx. Occasionally, has unique finds. So does (Be careful on Amazon. Some sellers overcharge for certain items.)

I have found that Ty-theme items typically cost $1 to $30, with most going for $5 to $15.

Images from: Amazon, Boscov’s, Burlington Coat Factory, Claire’s, Kohl’s, Tactic, Target, Toys R Us & Walmart

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