Ty Born April 27

Ty stuffed animals with birthdays on April 27:

Almost every Ty toy has a birthday. The date is printed inside a toy’s heart-shaped “swing tag”. Some toys have a birth month and day. Others have a birth month, day and year. See examples below.
Swing tag and tush tag on a Ty toy
Birthday – m/d
Birthday – m/d/y

So which Ty toys share your special day? Click a month to find out: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

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The Latest Ty Releases: Tess, Jips…

The newest stuffed animals from Ty – Beanie Babies, Beanie Boos, Frizzys and more.

Just released:

  • Boo – Tess, large – tiger – Justice exclusive …more

Recently released:

  • Boo – Aria – owl – Claire’s exclusive …more
    Boo – Fantasia – unicorn …more
  • Boo – Fantasia, medium – unicorn …more
  • Boo – Fantasia, large – unicorn …more
  • Boo – Fantasia, clip – unicorn …more
  • Boo – Flora – skunk …more
  • Boo – Georgia – Dalmatian – Claire’s exclusive …more
  • Boo – Maddie – dog – retail version …more
  • Boo – Maddie, medium – dog …more
  • Boo – Maddie, clip – dog …more
  • Boo – Reagan – leopard – Claire’s exclusive …more
  • Boo – Specks – elephant …more
  • Boo – Specks, medium – elephant …more
  • Boo – Specks, clip – elephant …more
  • Frizzy – Fang, clip – blue hairball …more
  • Frizzy – Jips, medium – violet hairball …more
  • Frizzy – Tang – orange hairball …more
  • Frizzy – Zwippy – lilac hairball …more
  • Frizzy – Zwippy, clip – lilac hairball …more


  • List of new and upcoming Ty releases for 2015 here
  • List of places to buy Ty here

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Peek-A-Boos on the Horizon

Ty might make cell phone cases and other mobile device holders soon. On April 8, Ty registered a trademark for PEEK-A-BOOS. (Read more here.)

Last year, Ty made exclusive merchandise for two high schools in Chicago (Tilden H.S. and Leo H.S.). Both schools collaborated with Ty on cell phone cases.

Below are the cases for Tilden High School. They may give us a glimpse of what PEEK-A-BOOS might look like if and when they come out.


Image from TTRMP

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