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  1. Ty has new Beanie Baby toys for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. …more
  2. Claire’s has new “clip” sizes of past store exclusive Beanie Boos. …more
  3. Target online store has new Beanie Boo pajamas and slippers for kids. …more
  4. Justice has a new exclusive Beanie Boo – Skylar dog. …more
  5. Ty has two patriotic Teeny Tys for the upcoming U.S. presidential election – both named Vote. …more
  6. Barnes & Noble has a new exclusive Beanie Boo – Gatsby dog. …more
  7. Special, and limited, Chaser dragon Teeny Tys are going global. Select countries are getting different colors of the dragon. …more
  8. Christmas Ty are starting to hit store shelves – especially at Cracker Barrel. …more

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New Ty Toys

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Ty has come out with lots of new stuffed animal toys this year. There has been an emphasis on dogs, cats, leopards, rabbits and owls so far. Surprises include a pig (Piggley) and a snail (Scooter).

Ty also has new beanie toys for: Finding Dory, The Lion Guard, My Little Pony, The Secret Life of Pets, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

And we can’t forget Teeny Tys – Ty’s new line of small, stackable plush toys… Not only are there 24 characters to choose from, but Ty also released three special characters – a red dragon with gold-like tags (Chaser); and two Teenys for the upcoming U.S. presidential election (Vote).


Beanie Boos

(Big-eyed stuffed animals. The hottest thing since Beanie Babies.)

ty-cuddlybear ty-paris ty-firecracker Kiki ty-lindi Shadow ty-spirit ty-tauri Gatsby ty-london ty-pablo ty-pashun ty-patsy ty-pippie Precious ty-skylar ty-slush Tracey ty-darla Dory ty-sami ty-joey Ghoulie Mist ty-lavender ty-orchid Dotty ty-dreamer ty-lizzie ty-patches ty-sydney Mac ty-shamu Cora Owlette ty-sammy Boom Boom ty-cutiepie ty-olive Piggley ty-avril ty-twinkletoes ty-icy Pierre Scooter Scoop ty-sugarpie ty-river ty-warrior


Teeny Tys

(Small, and stackable, plush toys.)

Windsor Candy Diggs Gypsy Jack Spangle ty-donkey ty-elephant Chaser canada-chaser france-chaser uk-chaser Trunks Finley Mabs Jelly Miles Olivia Kenny Monkey Boo Mimi Nellie Gus Pocket Rugger Slippery Tiggy Cruiser Shuffler Pennie


Beanie Babies

(The cutest stuffed animals ever!)

Ava ty-jaden ty-pearl Buff Roscoe Rufus Snicky ty-fire Fay ty-monroe ty-kookoo ty-pongo ty-bunnie ty-lilac ty-nibbler ty-wiggy Tabor Dory Nemo Destiny Bunga Fuli Kion ty-cadance Princess Celestia Princess Luna Chloe Buddy Duke Gidget Max Mel Snowball Donatello Leonardo Michelangelo Raphael


Baby Beanies

(Small Christmas plush.)

Bundles Earmuffs Jingly


Basket Beanies

(Small Easter plush.)

ty-lilli ty-swirls


Beanie Buddies

(Larger versions of select Beanie Babies.)

ty-fire Dory Nemo Destiny Chloe Buddy Duke Gidget Max Mel Snowball



(Larger versions of select Beanie Babies.)

Ava ty-jaden ty-pearl Buff Roscoe Rufus Snicky Fay ty-monroe ty-kookoo ty-cecil ty-pongo ty-wiggy Tabor


Halloweenie Beanies

(Small Halloween plush.)

Crawler Spidey



(Designed to hold smartphones – phone stand, phone holder, phone cradle…)

ty-scout ty-zelda ty-sly ty-jesse ty-trixi ty-milly ty-poo

Graphics made using images from: Amazon, Claire’s, Great Wolf Lodge, Justice, Sea World, TIL Productions, Ty Collector & Ty

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Exclusive Ty Toys

Ty makes special stuffed animals for select retailers and other groups. Below are the newest toys made exclusively for: Barnes & Noble, Claire’s, Cracker Barrel, Great Wolf Lodge, Justice, Nature’s Harvest, and SeaWorld. Check local stores for these items. Some are available online.

Barnes & Noble exclusive Beanie Boo


  • Dog – Gatsby – small

Barnes & Noble store locator here.


Claire’s exclusive Beanie Boos

joey london sydney lizzie olive

  • Fox – Joey – small, clip
  • Dog – London – small, medium, large, clip
  • Leopard – Sydney – small, medium, large, clip
  • Leopard – Lizzie – small, clip
  • Penguin – Olive – small, clip

Claire’s store locator here.


Cracker Barrel exclusive Beanie Boo


  • Cat – Spirit – small

Cracker Barrel store locator here.


Great Wolf Lodge exclusive Beanie Babies & Beanie Boos

fire river warrior

  • Dragon – Fire – small, medium
  • Wolf – River – small, medium
  • Wolf – Warrior – small, medium

Great Wolf Lodge waterpark locator here.


Justice exclusive Beanie Boos

skylar dreamer Cora

  • Dog – Skylar – small
  • Leopard – Dreamer – small
  • Owl – Cora – small

Justice store locator here.


Nature’s Harvest exclusive Beanie Boo


  • Fish – Dory – small

The Nature’s Harvest breads, Dory Beanie Boo, mail-offer promotion ran from April 28, 2016 to August 12, 2016. More details here.


SeaWorld exclusive Beanie Boo


SeaWorld locator here.

Images from Amazon, Claire’sCracker BarrelJustice & Ty Collector

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Ty Theme Products (Made by Other Companies)

Beanie Boo's merchandise

Other companies are now making Ty-themed merchandise. Most of the products feature Ty “Beanie Boo” characters. I have seen many different items for sale: bags, bath and body products, makeup, clothing, pajamas, fashion accessories, footwear, craft supplies, games, and school supplies.

Where to find these items… Check Claire’s and Justice first. Select items can also be found at: Learning Express, Marshalls, Ross and T.J. Maxx. Online, check: Boscov’s, Target and Toys R Us.


A sample of recent Ty-theme products

nightgown2 boo-art aria-set tashabank2 spiralboo velvetboo leopardcup boolipbalms leopardbath booblanket boopuzzle boowallstickers

Images from: Amazon, Boscov’s, Claire’s, Consumer Crafts, Justice, Masterpieces, Tactic, Target, Toys R UsVon Maur & Walmart

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