Ty Toy News Brief

  1. “Teeny Tys” new stackable plush toys from Ty launch in the UK. …read
  2. Get extra-large Tasha leopard Boo for $60 instead of $175 at Claire’s store. …read
  3. See upcoming The Secret Life of Pets plush from Ty. …read
  4. More new Ty-themed puzzles, games and stickers from Tactic. …read
  5. Upcoming licensed character toys from Ty (Bing, Clangers, etc.). …read
  6. Boo puzzle erasers at Justice store. …read
  7. Boo Valentine card making kit at Michaels store. …read
  8. Boo charm necklace at Justice store. …read

A selection of Ty’s newest toys

Pashun Scout Zelda Sly Jesse Trixi Milly Poo Icy

  • Dog – Pashun – small
  • Dog – Scout – phone holder – small
  • Dog – Zelda – phone holder – small
  • Fox – Sly – phone holder – small
  • Giraffe – Jesse – phone holder – small
  • Leopard – Trixi – phone holder – small
  • Owl – Milly – phone holder – small
  • Panda – Poo – phone holder – small
  • Seal – Icy – large

See more new Ty toys here.

Images from Ty

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Holiday Ty

Check out Ty’s new plush toys for the holidays:

Valentine’s Day

Cuddly Bear Cutie Pie Sugar Pie



Lavender Lilli Bunnie Lilac Nibbler Swirls Twinkle Toes



Igor Fangs Frights Grimm Pumpkie Treats Midnight Screech

  • Bat – Igor – small
  • Cat – Fangs – clip
  • Cat – Frights – small, medium
  • Ghost – Grimm – small
  • Ghost – Pumpkie – clip
  • Ghost – Treats – small
  • Owl – Midnight – small, medium
  • Owl – Screech – clip



Sweetsy Wise Chill Freeze Olaf Shivers

Images from Ty

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“Teeny Tys” Stackable Plush Launch in UK

Teeny Tys

UK news… Ty has launched a new line of stackable plush toys, called Teeny Tys. The UK has gotten them first. According to one source, select UK stores received Teeny Tys in January 2016. Teeny Tys are supposed to be widely distributed in the UK this February. (No word yet on when, or if, they will hit the States.)

There are 12 original Teeny Tys:

  • Dog – Diggs
  • Fox – Finley
  • Giraffe – Mabs
  • Leopard – Miles
  • Owl – Mimi
  • Owl – Nellie
  • Penguin – Pocket
  • Raccoon – Rugger
  • Seal – Slippery
  • Tiger – Tiggy
  • Turtle – Cruiser
  • Turtle – Shuffler

Teeny Tys have been spotted for sale in the UK at The Entertainer, Rainforest Cafe, The Toy Store and Toys n Tuck. (See picture of Teeny Tys in a store display here.)

12 Teeny Tys

Images from Toys n Playthings and Toy World Magazine

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Deal on XL Tasha Leopard Boo


Claire’s recently came out with an extra-large Tasha leopard Beanie Boo. The leopard is around 26-inches tall. (I think she is the first XL Boo ever sold in the States.)

Tasha initially cost $175. She is now available in the Claire’s online store for $75. Here is the good part… Use coupon code RMN20 for 20% off your order. With the code, you can get Tasha for $60, plus tax. (Shipping is free on orders over $35.)

Order XL Tasha from Claire’s online store here.


Tasha is available in four other sizes: small, medium, large (Justice exclusive), and clip.


  • Claire’s store locator here

Images from Claire’s and Claire’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

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Upcoming “Secret Life of Pets” Plush from Ty

Ty is coming out with new plush toys for Universal’s The Secret Life of Pets movie. Ty showed samples of the stuffed animals at a trade show in Paris, France. You can see the following characters in the picture below: Buddy Dachshund, Chloe cat, Duke mutt, Gidget Pomeranian, Max Jack Russell Terrier, Mel Pug, and Snowball rabbit.

Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets movie launches June 24, 2016. See the movie trailer below.


  • The Secret life of Pets site here

Image from Ty Facebook

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