Ty McDonalds Happy Meals

It is NOT official yet, but evidence is mounting… McDonald’s might have a Ty Happy Meal promotion this year. A toy-clip similar to Glamour Boo recently surfaced on eBay with a Ty/McDonalds tush tag (©2014). It is too early to say if this promotion will be for “Teenie Beanie Babies” or “Beanie Boos”.

Beanie Boos have been out for almost five years now and are one of Ty’s most popular plush toy lines.

Since 1997, there have been six McDonalds/Ty promotions in the States. The last US promo ran in 2009.

2014 marks the 35th anniversary of the McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Images from Ty Collector
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London Hello Kitty Beanie

UK news…

Ty has released an “I heart Hello Kitty” Beanie Baby for LONDON.

Ty came out with a series of Hello Kitty beanies representing foreign places last year (Germany, Berlin, Hamburg, Israel and Jerusalem). Each cat has a country/city name on its chest; and sports a “flag” hair bow. Outfit colors vary by country.

It’s anyone’s guess where Kitty will pop up next; although I have seen an “I heart ICELAND” Hello Kitty on eBay without a swing tag…

Image from Ty Collector
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