Boo Birthdays in August

List of Ty “Beanie Boos” with birthdays in August. List only includes items that have been released or shipped by Ty to authorized Ty dealers/retailers. August 2: Cookie – dog – (available at 13-inch) August 7: Rosey – unicorn – (available at Justice: 16-inch) August 11: Bongo – monkey – (available at 13-inch) Surf – dolphin – (available […]

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Tomato Boo Chihuahua

Tomato Beanie Boo

There is a Beanie Boo Chihuahua named Tomato coming out. Her poem reads, “If I get lost staying out at night you’ll always find me cause I’m so bright.” Tomato’s birthday is July 1. It appears “Ty retailers” can order limited quantities of Tomato Boo at select summer trade shows. top  |  home Image from

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