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The past 12 months…

Lots of new Ty released!

No shortage of dogs, cats, leopards and turtles so far.

New Ty toys for the holidays – even 4th of July. (List of holiday Ty.)

25+ exclusive Ty toys for select stores, theme parks, etc. (List of exclusive Ty.)

A few animals we haven’t seen made in a while – beaver, hamster, pig and snail.

New “licensed” beanie toys for: Finding Dory, The Lion Guard, Marvel, My Little Pony, The Secret Life of Pets, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Ty expanded their line of Peek-A-Boos tech holders. They now hold mobile phones AND tablet computers.

And we can’t forget Teeny Tys – Ty’s new line of stackable plush toys. There are 35+ original characters to choose from; licensed characters too: Hello Kitty, Peppa Pig, The Secret Life of Pets, SpongeBob, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ty also released two Teenys for the U.S. presidential election (both named, Vote); and seven very limited “Chaser” Teeny dragons (and one lizard) for select countries, including the USA, Germany, Italy, etc.


New Beanie Boos

(Big-eyed stuffed animals. The hottest thing since Beanie Babies.)

  Cat Dog Blue Tang fish Easter lamb Leopard  Moose Owl Easter rabbit


New Teeny Tys

(Small and stackable plush toys.)

Cat Dog Dog Husky Hamster Panda


New Beanie Babies

(The cutest stuffed animals ever!)

Bernese Mountain Dog Penguin Easter bunny Easter bunny Easter bunny


New Peek-A-Boos Phone & Tablet Holders

(Plush toys designed to hold mobile phones and tablet computers.)

Phone holder Phone holder Phone holder


New Baby Beanies

(Small Christmas plush.)


New Halloweenie Beanies

(Small Halloween plush.)


New Beanie Buddies

(Larger sizes of select Beanie Babies.)


New Classics

(Larger sizes of select Beanie Babies.)

Bernese Mountain Dog Penguin

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