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Even more Beanie Boo gear online

A few online stores have a decent selection of certain Ty-theme items.

  • Apparel – Boo graphic tees, pajamas and underwear, at Kohl’s online.
  • Craft supplies – Boo stickers, frames and more, at Consumer Crafts online.
  • Games – Boo board games at Barnes & Noble online.
  • Puzzles – Boo jigsaw puzzles at Masterpieces Puzzle Co. online.
  • School supplies – Boo pencils, erasers and more, at
  • Slippers – Boo slippers for kids at

About Ty-theme merchandise

Companies (Canal Toys, Inkology Inc., Tri-Coastal Design, etc.) are now making Ty-theme merchandise. I have seen many different items for sale: bags, bath and body products, candy, makeup, clothing, fashion accessories, footwear, craft supplies, games, and school supplies. Most of the products feature popular Ty “Beanie Boo” characters (Glamour leopard, Coconut monkey, etc.).

Where to find these items… In stores, check: Marshalls, Ross, Toys R Us, and TJ Maxx. Around the holidays, and back to school time, check Bed Bath & Beyond, Rite Aid and Walgreens. Online, check, and

Ty-theme items typically cost $1 to $30, with most going for $5 to $15.

Images from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Boscov’s, Consumer Crafts, Hollar, Kohl’s, Target & Von Maur

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