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♥ 4th of July is only a few days away. You still might be able to find Valor Boo (Ty’s 4th of July Chihuahua) at Cracker Barrel restaurants. Cracker Barrel locator here.


♥ Ty has new licensed beanie toys for Cars 3Despicable Me 3 and Paw Patrol.

♥ Ty might come out with Beanie Boo backpacks some time soon. See the teaser here.

♥ It appears Ty has released a second series of “Chaser” Teeny Tys. Teeny Tys are small, stackable plush toys. (See them here.) The “Chaser” Teenys have special gold-like tags; and are VERY limited in supply. New Chasers have been spotted for Germany/Austria/Switzerland and Italy.

♥ Ty has a new line of collectible figurines, called Mini Boos. They are plastic-like, hand-painted figurines based on popular Beanie Boo characters. There are 13 to collect so far. (See list here.) Check for them at Learning Express stores first. It is best to call ahead to see if they are in stock. (Learning Express store locator here.) See Mini Boos video. See Mini Boos in-store display rack.

♥ Various companies have been making Ty “Beanie Boos” theme merchandise since 2015. (Items like bags, clothing, games, and more.) Consumer Crafts online store now has a large selection of new Beanie Boo craft items: sticker books, washi and deco tape, coloring books, mask-making kits, picture frame kits, and color-in posters and pillow cases. There are 43 new items to choose from, with more on the way. Definitely worth checking out! …more


The last few new Ty styles to come out:

Car Pig Porcupine    

…see more new Ty for 2017.

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