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Halloween Ty are now in stores including: Claire’s, Cracker Barrel, Learning Express, and Walgreens. See new Halloween Ty and available sizes here. Also, be on the lookout for Ty-theme items made by other companies – including Beanie Boo “candy tubes” and “face masks.” (Christmas Ty are starting to hit store shelves too. Check Barnes & Noble and Learning Express first. See new Christmas Ty and available sizes here.)

Halloween 2017
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Great Wolf Lodge has two new exclusive Beanie Boo wolves – Iris and Jade. Great Wolf Lodge indoor waterparks locator here.

GWL Boos
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Several Claire’s exclusive Beanie Boos are available in new sizes: Charlotte cat, Isla bulldog, Piper fox, Violet leopard, and Pegasus unicorn. See available sizes here. (Claire’s store locator here.)

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Ty has new licensed plush for: Cars 3, Despicable Me 3, The Emoji Movie, Paw Patrol, Sing, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ty announced they’re planning to make plush toys for the movie Ferdinand too!

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There are two new exclusive Beanie Boos for France – Darcy bear and Jack dog. I found one store in France that ships to the United States HERE. (Shipping from France can be expensive…)

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Walgreens has a special version of Maddie, the dog Beanie Boo. The Boo has a swing tag. The tag has a code that can be entered at to “track your impact”. It appears sales of this particular Maddie help to provide foreign children with “access” to healthcare. (Walgreens store locator here.)

Image from Instagram(er)

There’s a new “Chaser” Teeny Ty for the USA – Chaser X, the black lizard. Teeny Tys are small, stackable plush toys. Regular Teenys have red, heart-shaped tags. “Chaser” Teenys have special gold, heart-shaped tags. Chaser Teenys are VERY limited in supply and hard to find. New Chasers have been spotted for: USA, Australia, Canada, France, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, and United Kingdom.

Image from Ty Facebook

Did you know Ty makes special cell phone and tablet holders? Check out Ty Peek-A-Boos.

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The last few new Ty styles to come out:

Ty Wolf   Ty Fox Ty Parrot

… see even more new Ty stuffed animals for 2017 by animal or product line.

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