Welcome to my fan site for Ty stuffed animal toys. My name is Sondra. I am a dedicated (some would say fanatic) Ty collector. I started this blog to keep up with Ty’s new releases.

Beanienews.com launched in July 2013.

My dad and I have fun collecting Ty toys. We also run the Ty Collector reference site HERE.

Leon & Sondra

Ty collection

About Ty stuffed animals

Ty Inc. makes “Ty” brand stuffed animal toys. Ty product lines include Beanie Babies, Beanie Boos, Teeny Tys, and more.

The Ty company has been making plush toys since the 80s. Beanie Babies put them on the map in the 90s. Today, they are known for big-eyed Beanie Boos.

Ty continues to make everyday stuffed animals and holiday plush. They even make mobile tech holders (Peek A Boos), mini collectible figurines (Mini Boos), and backpacks and purses (Ty Gear). Ty makes licensed character toys too – Disney, NFL, Nickelodeon, and more.

Find Ty toys in local stores; or shop the official Ty online store here.

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